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                              Healing the World from a Place of Prayer

It is time for prayer. Bold, concentrated, Heaven-focused, God-centered prayer. Whether we are thinking our own lives, our own homes, Marquette County, America or the world, as Richard Rohr says in his book Dancing Standing Still,  “The issues are too global and too urgent today to settle for anything less.”

 The strategies of men have gotten us what we have today, and will only produce more of the same. God  can do infinitely more!

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 Prayer Altars

 A book that every couple, every adult, every head of household, every leader, every pastor and every church should read is Pastor John Mulinde’s Prayer Altars: a strategy for changing nations.  Prayer Altars is a concept that began in Uganda when that nation was in free-fall, and today Uganda is a totally different nation.

 A prayer altar begins in one’s own heart, then spreads to one’s family and other relationships. It is not a place, or a thing, it is a relationship. It changes people and it changes societies. And nations.

 My two-fold mission in life is loving those God puts before me at any given moment, and nurturing others into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Again,  “The issues are too global and too urgent to settle for anything less.”

 I encourage you to get a copy of Prayer Altars today. Then, share it with as many friends as possible. If you would like a twenty page Prayer Altars study guide for personal or small group use, please contact me at 906-228-3788  or Blessings to you.

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